Monday, January 16, 2012

Some more thoughts on Johnson and Yamato's peices.

 When I raised my points to share on the Johnson piece, I did not elaborate as much as i'd had like to.That being said here is an add on to my point to share.  I would like to bring up the point about no matter what you do as an individual, you are either born into the privileged world or not and you can not help it... This sucks, because you know this things you do everyday is to better your self as a person, but no matter how much you better yourself, your still either privileged or not.
When I raised my point to share on the Yamato piece, I did not elaborate as much as I wanted to.. So here is an add on to my point to share. With the different kinds of racism pointed out, I still feel like racism is racism, it does not matter what kind it is. As racism gets split up into its different categories i feel like all of it needs to stop before we can move on and make a change. Do you agree? Do you think that even the smallest kinds of racism needs to be recognized and squashed for us to really be racist aware and free?


  1. Amanda, good point. From the time you are born, you are either priveleged or not. You can be the best you can be, but if you weren't born "white" you are associated as second class. It's not fair and it's certainly not right. You can make all of the necessary "improvements" but being priveleged is certainly out of your hands. I don't believe we will ever be racist free and that's sad but it's the truth. Racism will always exist in some way, shape or form. All we can do is lead by example. Nice blog.

  2. It is definitely more difficult for those born into lower classes to break out in an attempt to improve their position. I point on an end to racism is something to strive for, but as Ariel said, it's unlikely that it will ever truely disappear. I also agree with his comment on leading by example. About the only thing we can control is our own actions.