Thursday, January 5, 2012

Understanding racism; HYPERLINKS

Title: Something about the Subject Makes it Hard to Name.
Author: Gloria Yamato
I feel like racism is a big problem in today's society.. it may possibly be fading away with time, but it is definitely still around. I think that as we grow older, and as our elders pass, the world will become a more accepting place when the people who were brought up to be racist are gone. Either way, racism is real and it is everywhere. It is time to recognize it as I am a more privileged person, lets act on it.
I think one of the main points Yamato tries to raise here is the amount of oppression racism creates. Oppressors get into the oppressed heads and create such terrible thoughts for them until they are finally internally oppressed, “ Members of the target group are emotionally, physically, and spiritually battered to the point that they begin to actually believe that their oppression is deserved, is their lot in life, is natural and right, and that it doesn’t even exist” (Yamato pg.28). Here is a great link describing a few young scholars attempt at getting rid of racism and oppression through their workshop . The connection I see here is the oppressors realizing they are doing wrong. They are willing to use their privilege to help others who are less privileged. Although Yamato states clearly in her argument that racism can not be killed by a work shop, I feel as though working on it several times until it is gone is better than not trying at all. Maybe it works for others, but not all…
Another main point Yamato raises in her writing is the types of racism that exists and how it is disguised in different ways. Yamato talks about aware/blatant racism and how people act like it is not really racism that is making them act that way, but clearly it is. Not only are aware/blatant racist people acting like their doing nothing wrong, they cover up any traces of racism that can be found, “It still happens though the perpetrators really take care to cover their tracks these days” (Yamato pg.28). Racism is not going to get any better if we do not put a name on it, realize it, and act on it. This is a video of a possible Jack Conway supporter who was caught earlier in the day making statements about how he was going to say many racist things towards Jacks opposing candidate, Rand Paul.  Although he may be getting paid to be saying the things he said earlier in the day, he is making racial comments and acting as though he was not. This is contributing to Yamato’s point, you can not fix the racism unless you admit to committing an act of racism first.


  1. Damn, I forgot about my Point to share again... well here it is; with the different kinds of racism pointed out, I still feel like racism is racism, it does not matter what kind it is. I want other peoples outlooks on this also :)

  2. Amanda I am in your group reading this piece. I haven't read it yet because I did Occupy Providence today but from your blog I can tell our group is going to have good things to work with.

  3. I like what you said in the beginning about how racism will start to fade when the people who were brought up to be racist are gone. It reminded me a lot of my dad and how he still sometimes refers to black people as "negroes" and when I point out how that's not okay, he says that in his day that was the accepted way to refer to them so he still sees it that way. So I really related to that point in your post!

  4. i agree that perpetuating is part of the problem, but remember that sytems of power are systems, and not just people. the probelms of the ISMs are in the education system, the housing system, the medical system,the labor system.

    love the use of humor!